About Us

CXO DASHBOARDS provides independent consulting on management systems and provides mentoring and coaching for the middle managers in the IT industry.

CXO Dashboards was started with the mission of helping SMB organizations to strengthen their internal processes and management systems.  We help them with the right processes, tools and techniques for improving their business performance. We design sound management systems incorporating closed loop feedback systems, alerts and dashboards. We believe organizations can get outstanding results by aligning their systems and enabling their managers with management dashboards.

We realize that managers will be far more effective, if they develop key management/leadership skills, and it is best achieved if they are mentored and coached. We are now offering mentoring and coaching services, especially for the middle managers wanting to play a more strategic and influential role.

Business Background

In late 90’s, several mid-size and large IT organizations in India focused on strengthening their process and IT infrastructure. They went for quality certifications such as ISO and CMMI, and strengthened their delivery capability and internal processes. This gave them resiliency and were able to withstand turbulent times. They have now grown to become large organizations. However some small and medium businesses lagged behind in strengthening their processes; most of them perished. Business leaders are now aware that the primary means of influencing business results is by controlling the business processes and they want to build robust and agile management systems.

CXO Dashboards was started in 2009 and offered consulting in process re-engineering, process automation and quality management. Initially, our focus was on helping organizations to streamline their business processes and enable them with IT. Later the focus was on developing business dashboards and offered Balanced Scorecard solutions. However, it was observed that, dashboards solutions could help organizations only if they have matured processes and IT applications, which many organizations were not having.

Many small and mid-size businesses are not ready for large scale transformation initiatives that disrupt their current organization structure or that require huge investments. So, CXO Dashboards focuses on providing process innovation that leverages the current capabilities and investments. CXO Dashboards offers flexible, yet holistic solutions for managing business operations and quality. We realized business transformation requires not just process changes but also change of mindset and skillset of process owners. We now provide mentoring and coaching for middle managers to groom them to be outstanding business leaders.

We are conscious of keeping our service offerings affordable for SMBs. We believe any organization must be able to make a quantum leap in business/personal performance by availing our services.

Profile of the Consultant & Coach

I am MG Thomas, a consultant on management systems and a mentor & coach for middle managers in the IT industry. I help senior executives to design and implement management systems capable of delivering the business results they want. I also help managers to manage their career growth/transition through mentoring and coaching. I believe, to achieve consistent results in business or life, we all need to have great systems in place.

I have decades of experience in designing, building and implementing management systems. I helped several organizations to improve their quality management systems and business systems through process re-engineering, process automation and management dashboards. I am passionate about business transformation as well as personal transformation.

I have 30+ years of experience in the IT industry and about 20 years in leading quality and change initiatives.  Held senior management positions in Operations, Quality, HR, IT and Knowledge Management in organizations such as Veryx, Aricent/Flextronics and TCS. Led initiatives such as ISO, CMMI, TL9000, ISO27001, Knowledge Management, People CMM, and Balanced Scorecard. Worked as a consultant with several CEOs and Business Owners for improving their IT, quality and management systems. Also mentored and coached several managers.

I have a strong background in software development – started my career with TCS and there I played leading roles in software development, program management, account management, business development, and quality initiatives. I did my M.Tech from IIT Madras.

I have worked with startups, SMBs, large Indian IT organizations and MNCs. I am keen to share my experience and expertise, with organizations and professionals seeking fast growth.