Coaching on Goal Setting

Accomplish your goals faster with Personal Dashboard

Set inspiring goals

Set inspiring career and life goals for your professional and personal growth. Become outstanding in the current role or transition to a new role or position.

Track your goals, plans, risks

Have an effective goal tracking system and achieve your goals with certainty. Make the journey fun and exciting with your own Personal Dashboard.

Get outstanding results

Get outstanding results faster with Results Coaching. Achieve any  specific goal in 90 days.

This program is for you if you are in a situation such as

  • No real results even after putting in a lot of effort
  • You are performing very well in the current role, but something is stopping you going to the next level
  • You are in the middle of a transition – a change in role, job or career
  • Successful in career, but deeply dissatisfied in one or more areas such as work relationships, family life, and wealth creation; not feeling significant.
  • Lack clarity on the directions to take in career/life; too many options to choose but feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty.
  • Too many interrelated issues to solve; not sure where to start.
  • Reached a dead-end. Appears all doors are closed. Need guidance and inspirational support to find a new path and to make some measurable progress.

This result focused coaching can help you to identify your life purpose, get clarity on the goals to pursue, set SMART goals, define a strategy for the key goals, make measurable progress towards achieving your goals, acquire the necessary skill sets, bring in enabling habits and achieve your goals. You will build a powerful system for results management with the Personal Dashboard framework.

So, take back control of your career & life. Put the systems in place for a smooth sailing. Build your own Personal Dashboard and accomplish your goals with certainty. Take a safe leap to the next level with the Coach supporting all the way.

Experience a free coaching session

What is it that you want in your career/life urgently? Whatever it is, your coach can help you choose the right path, guide you through the journey and help you reach the destination faster and safely.

You can ask for a 30 minute free coaching session by scheduling a call. In this session, you can find out how coaching is going to address your specific need and help you to move forward; also an opportunity to experience your first coaching session for free. Click here to schedule a call.