Coaching & Mentoring

on Effective Program Management

Become an outstanding Project/Program Manager

What are the major challenges you are facing as a PM and looking for support?

  • Unable to get the results you desire
  • Feeling stuck without having a clear career vision or roadmap
  • Finding it difficult to manage the current role, office politics, or the people around you
  • Unable to get collaborative support from various stakeholders
  • Unable to give performance feedback assertively
  • No opportunities visible for innovation and growth
  • Unable to retain customers for long-term or to scale up project beyond a certain team-size
  • Difficulty in handling large or complex projects
  • Not seen as a strategic, innovative, influential leader

If you are facing any of the above challenges as a Project/Program/Product/Group Manager, here is a flexible coaching & mentoring program on Effective Program Management.

Effective Program Management – Focus areas

  1. Program Management overview: Project Management vs Program Management, Roles-Responsibility-Accountability, expectations from stakeholders (deliverables & results), attributes and habits of successful Program Managers, Manager as a leader.
  1. Goal Setting for project/program/organization: Result Focused Thinking, strategic/tactic goal setting, SMART approach, goal setting for long-term, medium-term, short-term; goal setting for projects, groups, business units.
  1. Managing Programs: Managing quality, schedule, productivity, cost, and improvement/innovation with metrics;  Resource Management, tracking outcome using Scorecard/Dashboard, Risk Management, Managing typical/common risks (dependencies, delays, resource issues, productivity problems, quality issues, customer escalations, team issues), managing large or complex projects, Risk based thinking in ISO 9001:2015. Taking corrective actions, Understanding cause and effect of various organizational outcomes, how to put your programs in closed loop feedback mode for getting the desired outcome; conducting meetings – for status tracking and status reporting.
  1. Team Management: Factors affecting team’s motivation, conflict resolution, persuasion skills, influencing skills, working with virtual teams, working in a matrix org structure, how to give performance feedback, how to address team related issues such as conflicts within your team, between team members, with the supervisor, with peer level stakeholders, how to address/prevent low team member motivation or employee morale.
  1. Process Innovation: How to conduct Root Cause Analysis (using ‘5 Why Analysis’, Fish-bone Diagram’), Systems Thinking for Project Managers, How to enable continuous improvement and innovations, how to conduct Brain Storming sessions or problem solving meetings.
  1. Managing clients: Managing for ‘customer experience’, customer retention and customer intimacy (not just for QCD – product quality, cost, delivery schedule). Operational excellence vs customer intimacy.
  1. Personal Excellence: Emotional Mastery for PMs, Stress Management, How to change habits, managing professional & personal growth, Personal Scorecard, Personal productivity, Personal branding.
  1. Additional Topics (on need basis): Coaching and mentoring skills for PMs, Managing thru influence (vs authority) in a matrix organization, Portfolio Management / Account Management / Product Management, How to compress product development cycle time (using Agile/Lean principles), Negotiation Skills, Active Listening, Delegation skills, Decision Making skills, Persuasion & Influence Skills

Methodology & Scope

The focus for the ‘Effective Program Management’ coaching is to impart necessary skills for middle managers in the IT industry to face day-to-day challenges, to stay relevant, and to become an outstanding leader by becoming more strategic, innovative and influential. This helps project/program managers to handle complex projects or large project teams comfortably and to create higher business impact.

This is normally done for a small group and lasts about 6 months. It has a mix of class room training sessions, home study, and one-on-one interactions to address individual-specific challenges. There will be weekly coaching sessions. Coaching approach, skills imparted and duration can be tailored to the needs of the client/sponsor.

The coaching duration is about 6 months to 1 year. Different managers will have different needs, and the intention of this coaching is not to develop mastery in all the above skills in 6 months, but to develop mastery in the skills that are most critical for them. Even after the coaching period, mentoring relationship can continue.

Course completion certificate will be issued at the end of the coaching, on demonstrating the skills.

This is a high impact program and requires high commitment from participants.

The coach has more than 20 years experience in Program Management – leading large software development projects, doing account management, leading organization initiatives and heading Operations. Profile

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