Coaching & Mentoring

on Program Management & Business Leadership

Challenges in Program Management & Business Leadership

What are the major challenges you are facing as a manager and looking for support?

  • Difficulty in handling multiple or large or complex projects; difficulty in managing several teams / groups.
  • Difficulty in dealing with certain types of people / stakeholders
  • Unable to get the results you desire. Certain processes such as resource management or performance appraisals are ineffective.
  • Unable to retain customers for long-term or to scale up projects beyond a certain team-size
  • Do not have a clear vision, roadmap and strategy for your group/business
  • No opportunities visible for innovation and growth; feeling stuck without having a clear career vision and roadmap; not seen as a strategic, innovative, influential leader.

If you are facing such challenges as a Senior Manager/Group Manager, here is a mentoring & coaching program to sharpen your skills to address them.

Sharpen your skills in Program Management & Business Leadership

The areas covered in this mentoring and coaching program are

Mindset required for managing at senior levels

  • The change of mindset, skillset and approach required when you move from a PM role to a Program Manager or a Business Leader role

Managing results

  • Understanding and defining your business process (ex. Account Management, Product Development, Function/Dept. Management)
  • How to cascade organization goals into goals specific for your group and teams
  • How to define your accountabilities and responsibilities; how to ensure you have adequate empowerment
  • How to do effective goal setting for multiple groups; how to track them
  • How to structure your teams for various contexts
  • How to ensure results – meeting schedule, quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, repeat business, employee retention, competency development. How to managing risks effectively.
  • How to manage cost
  • Systems Thinking, influence of quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015, QMS and quality culture on the business outcome
  • Managing with exceptions and patterns; how to implement a management dashboard; how to get timely alerts.
  • How to conduct various types of meetings: status review with the team, status review with the top management, retrospectives/RCAs (Root Cause Analysis), brainstorming sessions, and problem solving meetings.

Team Management

  • Factors affecting team’s motivation, conflict resolution, working with virtual teams, working in a matrix org structure, how to give performance feedback, how to address team related issues such as conflicts within your team, between team members, with supervisor, with peer level stakeholders, how to address/prevent low team member motivation or employee morale.
  • How to build and sustain a quality culture, an innovation culture

Management/Leadership Skills

  • Negotiation Skills, Active Listening, Delegation skills, Decision Making skills, Persuasion & Influence Skills, collaboration, ..

Personal Skills

  • Emotional Mastery, Stress Management, how to change habits, managing professional & personal growth, managing own career and personal goals, personal productivity, personal branding.

The Approach

Note that it may take months or years to master all these skills, and one single program may not cover all these skills mentioned; you can decide on your priority areas for the weekly/monthly mentoring discussions. Mentoring discussions are primarily advisory in nature, where as coaching  sessions are aimed to impart certain skills or to achieve certain results. So, if you need to develop a deep skill in any area, choose coaching approach for that skill; in coaching mode, you are assured of getting your desired result by a time-frame.

The scope, approach and duration will be decided based on the needs of the client, while enrolling for the program. Know how you can benefit from a coaching/mentoring relationship.

About the Coach

The coach has been a senior executive and a consultant with several reputed organizations. He has more than 25 years experience in program management, leading large software development projects, doing account management, leading organization initiatives and heading business operations. The coach has mentored and coached several managers successfully. Profile

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