Coaching & Mentoring

for aspiring CXOs and Middle Managers in the IT Industry

Three programs to choose from

1. Effective Program Management

This mentoring program will help you to boost your program management skills by imparting skills to face your day-to-day challenges, to stay relevant, and to become an outstanding leader. This will also help you to handle complex projects or large project teams comfortably. Duration is 6 months to 1 year.  If you want to excel as a great project/ product/ program manager, you could choose this  program. Be more strategic, innovative and influentialDetails…

2. Accomplish your goal in 90 days

Create a vision and roadmap for your career or life and achieve any specific goal in 90 days. Manage the transition you are going through (role change, promotions, career change, ..). Put in place the powerful goal tracking system ‘Personal Dashboard’. Weekly coaching sessions. Details..

3. Change/Create a habit for success

Break a bad habit that is blocking your success or create a good habit essential for your life. Habit change may be difficult because of factors such as fears, limiting beliefs, ‘blind-spots’, and inner conflicts. Identify the root cause and change that crippling habit in 30 days and learn how to put in place a powerful habit changing system.

You can ask for a 30 minute free coaching session by scheduling a call. In this session, you will find out how coaching is going to address your specific need and help you to move forward. Click here to schedule a call.