Coaching & Mentoring

for aspiring CXOs and Middle Managers in the IT Industry

Accomplish your goals faster with Personal Dashboard

Set inspiring goals

Set inspiring career and life goals for your professional and personal growth. Become outstanding in the current role or transition to a new role or position.

Track your goals, plans, risks (obstacles)

Have an effective goal tracking system and achieve your goals with certainty. Make the journey fun and exciting with your own Personal Dashboard.

Get outstanding results

Get outstanding results faster with Results Coaching.

Why not be the CEO of your life and take its full control. Put the systems in place for an amazing life. Build your own Personal Dashboard to accomplish your goals with certainty. Get clarity on the steps to take from a coach or mentor. With Results Coaching, you can accomplish what you really want more quickly and more easily.

Three coaching packages to choose from

Accomplish your goal in 90 days

Create a vision and roadmap for your career or life and achieve any specific goal in 90 days. Manage the transition you are going through (role change, promotions, career change, ..). Put in place the powerful goal tracking system ‘Personal Dashboard’. Weekly coaching sessions.

Remove your obstacle in 30 days

Identify and remove the most significant stressor in life or obstacle in achieving your goals. The obstacles could be lack of confidence, fears, limiting beliefs, ‘blind-spots’, lack of skills,  conflicts,  certain mindset/emotions/communication patterns, procrastination or similar disempowering habits. Get to the root cause of them and eliminate recurring issues. Put in place a powerful habit changing system in 30 days.

Become an outstanding manager/executive

Coaching for outstanding performance in the current or proposed role; transformative; duration 6 months to 1 year. Coaching to address the current challenges faced and on the key leadership skills required for middle management or higher. Make yourself strategic, innovative and influential with the unique coaching on Effective Program Management.

‘Which solution is the best one for me?’

Accomplish your goal in 90 days is for you if you are in a situation such as

  • You are in the middle of a transition – a change in role, job or career
  • A lot of effort is being put, but no real results
  • You are performing very well in the current role, but something is stopping you going to the next level OR your supervisor has given some areas for improvement, but you are unable to make progress
  • Successful in career, but deeply dissatisfied in one or more areas such as work relationships, family life, parenting, wealth creation, spirituality, contributions to the community/society
  • Lack clarity on the directions to take in career/life; too many options to choose but feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty.
  • Too many interrelated issues to solve; not sure where to start.
  • Reached a dead-end. Appears all doors are closed. Need guidance and inspirational support to find a new path and to make some measurable progress.

This result focused coaching can help you to identify your life purpose, get clarity on the goals to pursue, set SMART goals, define a strategy for the key goals, make measurable progress towards achieving your goals, acquire the necessary skill sets, bring in enabling habits and achieve your goals. You will build a powerful system for results management with the Personal Dashboard framework.

Remove your obstacle in 30 days: This is the coaching package to choose, if you are stuck; you are struggling with a few obstacles or stressors that are blocking your goals. What is holding you back may be lack of confidence, fears, limiting beliefs, ‘blind-spots’, lack of skills, uncontrollable emotions, relationship issues, inner conflicts, mindset, communication patterns, procrastination or similar disempowering habits.

This coaching can help you remove the most significant stressor in life or obstacle in achieving your goals. Coaching will give you the skill to analyze the causes of persisting issues and the support to fix it once for all. You will be able to put in place a powerful system for changing habits.

Become an outstanding manager/executive – This is ‘Executive Coaching’ for managers and executives for improving their performance in certain areas so that they can become a top performer in the current or proposed role. It is transformative in nature. Coaching is primarily on the management and leadership skills/mindset/habits required for managers who are independently handling large teams or complex projects – Project Managers, Product Managers, Account Managers and Function Heads. This coaching can help you to become more strategic, innovative and influential and will give you the skills to perform under pressure in various situations.

Group Coaching on Effective Program Management: The focus for the ‘Effective Program Management’ coaching is to impart necessary skills for middle managers in the IT industry to face day-to-day challenges, to stay relevant, and to become an outstanding leader by becoming more strategic, innovative and influential. This helps project/program managers to handle complex projects or large project teams comfortably and to create higher business impact.

This is normally done for a small group and lasts about 6 months. It has a mix of class room sessions, home study, and one-on-one interactions to address individual-specific challenges. There will be weekly coaching sessions. Coaching approach, skills imparted and duration can be tailored to the needs of the client/sponsor. Details…

So, take back control of your career & life. Put the systems in place for a smooth sailing. Build your own Personal Dashboard and accomplish your goals with certainty. Take a safe leap to the next level with the Coach supporting all the way.

Experience a free coaching session

What is it that you want in your career/life urgently? Whatever it is, your coach can help you choose the right path, guide you through the journey and help you reach the destination faster and safely.

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