Coaching & Mentoring

for Middle Managers in the IT Industry

What do you want to accomplish?

1. Accomplish your goal in 90 days

Create a vision and a roadmap for your career and achieve any specific goal in 90 days. Manage the transition you are going through (role change, promotion, career change). Put in place a powerful goal tracking system. Weekly coaching sessions. Details..

2. Mastery in Project Management

This mentoring & coaching program is suitable for Tech. Leaders becoming Project Managers. This will impart skills for managers to manage technology, project deliveries and project teams. They will gain insights to plan and track projects using formal project management processes and will be able to deliver projects on time with quality. Duration is about 6 months. Details..

3. Program Management & Business Leadership

This mentoring program is suitable for middle managers, managing multiple projects/products/groups, to move to the next level of effectiveness in management.  This program will give you insights to manage large number of teams quite comfortably. This will impart you strong business leadership skills and will also help you to become more strategic, innovative and influentialDetails…

Get deep insights, valued skills and powerful results

Coaching and mentoring can help you get deep insights, valued skills and powerful results. It can potentially transform your life. To know what you can expect to get from a coach or mentor, please check the details ..

You may ask for a 30 minute free ‘strategy session’ by scheduling a call. In this session, you will get clarity on the results you really want, the approach to take, the number one thing holding you back from accomplishing your goals and what exactly to do next to get the results you truly want. Please click here to schedule a call.