Business Process Renovation

Why you need to redesign processes as you grow?

Many growing organizations have found, what stagnates their growth is the bottlenecks in the process. The processes required are different, depending on the type and size of the organization. The informal processes that worked very well for a 30 member organization may not work for a 100 member organization; or a process for 300 strong organization may not work for a 3000 strong. As the organization grows, complexity grows exponentially and you will need more streamlined, collaborative, automated, and integrated processes.

Processes do play a major role in keeping a company healthy, profitable and growing, because all the value that an organization creates is the outcome of a set of processes. By controlling the process, you can control the outcome.

You can choose to go for small continual process improvements or renovate your critical process or go for total business transformation. Small continual process improvement approach is good for organizations having an already matured and effective process. Total business transformation requires high investments in digitization, involves structural changes and is risky. Process renovation leverages your current capabilities and protects your investments, yet effective and quick to produce business results.  So process renovation is more appropriate for most of the Indian SMBs (small and medium businesses).

Process Renovation

Following are the highlights of our services and the benefits you get when you use this approach.

Sprint Projects for quick results

You can renovate any process quickly using the Sprint approach and start getting the desired business results in about 1 to 2 months.Each sprint project may consume about 5 to 7 days of effort and one month duration. This means low investment and high return and it is affordable for small organizations too.

High-value Deliverables

Deliverables of each project could include updated process documents, templates, checklists, training materials, applications, dashboards, integration to QMS/applications, audit checklists, training, and implementation effectiveness reviews. Process changes may require change in beliefs and behaviors and our approach addresses that.

Process Simplification & integration

Some organizations may have the processes in place, but need just timely alerts. We can add closed loop feedback systems and dashboards to your processes. Dashboards could be for just one process or for several processes. Dashboards can have drill downs and roll up features. It can be developed in the Balanced Scorecard format also. For small organizations, dashboards could be built using Excel. Once you have the systems and dashboards in place, you can put your business operations in auto-pilot mode (You may request for a case study).

Business Dashboards

Once you have streamlined your processes, you can build dashboards for key business processes and track them for results with certainty. You can integrate them to have it in a Balanced Scorecard format. If you have IT Applications for the processes, the dashboard also can be automated; if you don’t have, it could be semi-automated. Building dashboards streamlines the management reporting across various levels and roles in the organization. Automated dashboards can have rollups to company level or drill downs to transaction level.

Once you have this, several operational issues and data quality problems will be things of the past and you will have precise control on the business operations. By renovating your business systems in sprint mode, you get a steady stream of new organization capabilities and a culture of continual learning and innovation – in turn will attract great talents and prestigious clients.

Why not test drive a short pilot project to address one of your key concerns? Let us discuss.