Quality Advisory Services

Do you find recurring quality or productivity issues in your organization, even after years of ISO or CMMI implementation?

Issues such as

  • Lack of visibility into what is going on in various projects/groups
  • Quality focus is on compliance, and not on business effectiveness
  • People are narrowly focused on their activities and they often lack the systems view
  • Processes such as metrics, risk management, CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) are weak in implementation
  • Processes for the enabling functions such as HR and IT are weak
  • QMS and IT applications are not seamlessly integrated; QMS has become fragmented and complex.
  • No tangible business benefits from the quality certifications

If you are facing these challenges, we can work together to address the above issues and bring in processes that can drive business efficiency and operational excellence.

We can help you develop a quality vision and roadmap, and work with your Quality Team / Management Team to drive process changes that are aligned to the business strategy and to the contemporary quality practices.

Our core experience is in integrating QMS, IT Systems, HR Systems and other organizational systems for smooth business operations. Our expertise is in implementing closed loop feedback systems, automated alerts and dashboards. Organizational changes we facilitated invoked minimum resistance, because of process automation, systems thinking and gamification.

What are the operational challenges you have that can be addressed through improvement initiatives? We can bring new perspectives and approach, in addressing the same. Please contact us for a detailed discussion.