Coaching & Mentoring

for Project Managers

Mastery in Project Management

Moving from a technical role to a manager role has not been smooth for many IT professionals. This is because management role requires a different mindset, skillset and tool set. It requires a change in mindset from that of an individual contributor. It requires understanding of the project delivery process, team behaviors, tools and various techniques. It involves added responsibilities of managing project deliverables, technology, teams, resources, clients and other stakeholders.

This program Mastery in Project Management is offered to make the transition from a Technical Leader role to a Project Manager role effective, so that new managers can develop outstanding project management skills quickly and run their projects smoothly. They can master the skills to deliver high-impact technology projects, on time with quality, and also meeting stakeholder expectations.

The Approach

The mentoring and coaching program is delivered mostly through 1-on-1 conversations. These sessions are typically an hour and conducted weekly. During these conversations, client shares the recent challenges/issues they faced. The mentor/coach asks insightful questions and helps client to get deep awareness and insights. These conversations will lead to specific corrective actions and  improvements and will help to gain mastery in the field.

Different areas are taken for discussions every week. The topics chosen will be based on the priority of challenges that the client is facing. The mentor-coach will support the client until they gain mastery in project management. The program may take about 6 months.

In areas where client requires deep understanding of certain concepts or principles, detailed orientation along with study materials and videos are also provided.

Skills Imparted

Clients can gain mastery in areas such as

  • Project management framework & methodologies
  • How to deliver results as committed
  • How to lead teams effectively
  • How to manage various work relationships
  • How to manage their career for growth and impact

This coaching and mentoring program will equip new managers to lead their team effectively and deliver great products & services on time. This will inculcate in them the right mindset and provide the necessary skillset and toolset. It will also future-proof their career, since the skills acquired are transferable across jobs/careers and these skills will be useful life long.

Criteria for enrolling

Those who wish to participate in this program must be enthusiastic and committed to learn new skills and be willing to see issues from multiple perspectives. They must be willing to spend at least an hour every week to work on the development goals they have identified.

About the Coach

The coach has more than 25 years experience in Project Management – leading large software development projects, doing account management, leading organization initiatives and mentoring several project managers. Profile

Sample skills you can master in this program

Project management

  • How to choose the right project management methodology; fine tuning the approach according to the project characteristic
    (ex. high volatile requirements, or highly complex or R&D oriented)
  • How to estimate size and effort
  • How to set project goals, prepare high-level/master plan, prepare detailed plan
  • How to identify project risks, mitigate/track/report risks; typical mitigation strategies for the common/known risks.
  • Identifying and tracking project metrics depending on the project type
  • How to track project progress & report status against the goals and plans
  • How to take course corrections; learning from mistakes and successes; how to conduct root cause analysis and prevent recurring issues/defects
  • How to conduct planning meetings, status review meetings, and retrospectives
  • How to face ISO/quality audits
  • How to position project for high visibility and impact

How to lead teams effectively

  • How to select team members, allocate work, track their daily progress
  • How to engage teams fully
  • How to give feedback to teams for improving their performance
  • How to build a high performance team
  • How to deal with ‘difficult’ team members

Relationship Management

  • How to manage client relationships, deal with complaints or dissatisfaction
  • How to manage various stakeholders (Supervisor, Resource Groups, QA, any interdependent groups); how to gain commitment from higher level management and stakeholders. Approach to take when they differ from your thinking.
  • How to resolve issues effectively; how to escalate issues for a definite closure.
  • How to communicate assertively
  • How to persuade people to your way of thinking, how to get help (basic persuasion skills)

Career management

  • What is the mindset, behavioral attributes and skill sets required for success in project management
  • How to do personal branding; how to position yourself for high visibility and impact
  • How to eliminate certain career blockers (beliefs, fears, habits); how to manage one’s emotions; how to future-proof career.

To know more about the program Mastery in Project Management, please schedule a call by clicking on the button below. In this call or free strategy session, you will get clarity on the type of project manager you want to become, what might be holding you back from reaching the desired level of success, the skills you need to develop, the exact steps to take to gain mastery in Project Management, and what all it takes to become an outstanding Project Manager.