• Bring visibility into the processes

Welcome CXOs, Business Owners, Group Managers

Are you struggling with recurring operational issues or bottlenecks in any business process?

Bring visibility into the processes

Add closed loop feedback systems

Provide dashboards for the stakeholders

You may need better operational systems in this age of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) to stay relevant and to achieve the results you want. You could upgrade your organization processes for superior customer experience and employee engagement by bringing visibility into the processes, adding closed loop feedback systems and providing dashboards for the stakeholders. You can transform your business systems in an agile/sprint mode, by focusing on one process at a time.

Once you have the management dashboards in place, you could drive your business in auto-pilot mode and experience flow, certainty and exhilaration.

If you are having weak processes, it is quite likely that you are now in a fire-fighting mode. Have you observed these symptoms?

Symptoms of a weak process

  • Lack of visibility into what is happening
  • Frequent delays in getting things done and fire-fighting
  • Need to interfere frequently in business operations by the Sr. Mgmt.
  • Non-existing, unreliable or conflicting data/metrics from various groups
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Low employee engagement, low morale
  • Initiatives are non-starters or not yielding any business results

The solution to such problems is to review the business processes for bottle-necks and upgrade them for superior experience for all the stakeholders. Process transformation may involve streamlining, automating and integrating various processes, using methodologies such as PDCA, Lean or Design Thinking.

Candidate processes for transformation

You can design your processes for a specific outcome or for a desired performance level. Examples of processes you could improve:

  • Software Engineering Processes or Product Development process (Requirements, Design, Construction, Testing, ..)
  • Quality processes such as reviews, defect prevention, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), continual improvement
  • Project Management, Risk Management, Project Metrics
  • Account Management, Product Portfolio Management, Sales, Marketing
  • Resource Management (HR, IT, Admin, Quality, ..)
  • HR processes such as Employee Engagement, Performance Mgmt.
  • Collaboration processes and enablers for teams and functions
  • Strategy Management & Change Management

Which process is the weakest or hurting you most? You could test-drive a pilot project with us.

Our Services

Process Transformation

We can help you redesign a specific process or a set of processes for a desired outcome. You could unleash a productivity revolution.

Quality Management

We can transform your Quality Management Systems to make it simpler, agile, and effective; also make it comply with the quality standards such as ISO.


We can coach your managers on the skills, mindset and tools required to become outstanding managers and leaders.


Quick results

Sprint approach to delivering business transformation projects gives quick business results. Backed by decades of experience.


Simplicity and flexibility of the solutions and the approach; easy to deal with.

Holistic design

Holistic design; solutions are integrated to your existing processes and  applications. Protects your investment.

What next?

What is that one result you want to achieve consistently or that one issue you want to fix once-for-all by making a process change? Please write to us today for a discussion. We can identify the systemic causes for the problem, and if you wish, we can work together to get the results you desire.